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Since this the first planet people usually click on, we figured this would be as good a place as any to introduce ourselves and familiarize you with what you'll find in this site.

Each planet is a link to a different page. Click on a planet to find out where it takes you, or use the site map below to start your planetary excursion. If you have not seen the main planets page yet, click here.

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About Us: Established in 1995, consists of Matthew & Terri Pike and our two cats, Scoots and Indy. Indy's full name is Indigo, the domain is named for her.

All HTML and Flash designs by Terri Pike. All Perl, CGI, and PHP scripts by Matthew Pike.

Other Domains

Matthew has purchased the domain name and Terri is working on a site for it. The only thing available for viewing is a promo movie to get you to come back. It should be done by the end of the year, but you can view the promo movie right now!

Check out . A personal site made by Terri for a groovy guy we know. Ever wanted to rearrange someone's face? Here's your chance.

Columbia Launch Pictures
Pictures taken by Terri on the
day of the shuttle launch.

What's New on Indigo?
The most recent additions to this site:

Christmas 2003
The Tubb Toon
Our friends the Tubbs have a whole
flash cartoon dedicated all to them. We
nicknamed them the "Teletubbies" a
while back. There may be a few "inside"
jokes, but hopefully the average viewer
will find it humorous. By far the most
ambitious flash project so far. Come see!

2003 Christmas Pics page
Featuring Baloo in a hilarious Christmas

2003 Halloween Pictures
See why Scoots and Baloo won FIRST PRIZE for at the local pet store!!
Plus, Matthew dressed as an "Entire Thanksgiving Dinner."

The People's Cam
Live streaming video!
This camera is aimed at a computer
monitor running a text screensaver.
YOU input your own text. Come and tell
the world your message. Have fun and
please keep it clean.
Don't forget to read the "Best Of" list
down at the bottom of the page... Some
really funny people have visited our cam
and had thier say.

Added December 2001.

Strange but entertaining!

Omega 4 Digital recording studio. Site contains info, pics, equipment lists, stories and sound bytes all relating to the hobby of home recording.
No HTML version available, high speed connections reccomended. Flash player required. August, 2001

One of the sound bytes has a flash movie built around it which proclaims the love of bacon! Check it out!

Hey Kids, has a page especially for you! Take a virtual tour of our house and see what surprises you find. Look what you can do! ..
The Pikes' Interactive House

Refrigerator Word Magnets

The Haunted Mansion

Farmer Phil's Petting Zoo

Site Map

Main planets page
About Indigo This page.
The Pike family webcam Our webcam is aimed at a computer monitor running
a text screensaver which takes YOUR input. Come and tell the world your message!
Truly unique and one-of-a-kind webcam like no other.

Quotes A collection of excellent quotes. Mostly humorous.
Indigo Humor Over 100 files of *selected* humorous items.
Matthew's Guru Universe Sections on Perl, Linux, and UNIX.
The Flash Photo Album Get a better look at who we are.

Flash movies A small collection of Flash movie entertainment.
Indigo Internet Survey and Guestbook Thought provoking questions and answers from surfers from around the world.
Matthew's Weblog Try to hold back the tears of boredom.

Columbia launch pictures
Mr.Fred Roger's Dartmouth Commencement Address 2002
Sewing project pictures




Did you know?...

There have always only been only eight planets displayed on the Indigo Planets page? The missing planet is Mercury.

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