Bathroom Remodeling Pictures

In July of 2004 we finally had a contractor demolish our old bathroom and completely redo it. The remodel included a new toilet, tub and shower. They also replaced the shower tile and floor tile, painted and put up new wall cabinets and closet doors. Side by side comparisons of the project are below.

  an overall shot of before and after looks.  featuring the new silver-sage color instead of pink and black from the 50's.  We replaced everything except the sink. before and after of the toilet, featuring cracks on the pink wall no longer a problem in the new  room.
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  the redo of the closet area. No more pink and black tile. a nice neat replacement of the place we used to keep our toiletries.  Now a white cubboard hides all the ugly bottles.
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  before and after pic of towelbar area. the old shower doors with cranes replaced with crystal clear ones.
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  Other nice shots:  
  multicolored floor tile, beautiful     restoration hardeware medicine cabinet, white, old timey.     restoration hardware lighting
  The Destruction!!!  
     torn out tile exposing a black underside    bare exposed walls      piles of rubble. ripped up toilet in the tub         joe and paul hauling a big piece of the wall out to the trash.

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