Every so often there are clever and amusing messages.
They are listed here as the "cream of the crop."
Keep the good stuff coming!

Below are actual cam entries taken from the log file from oldest to newest:
(Taken when the maximum characters allowed were 27)


When good Penguins go bad

Free The Ionic Molecules

Rinse. Later. Repeat.

Save your forks, there's pie!

"I don't have internet"

PORK is not a verb.

My other car is a car

I'm hung like a tic tac

Mr. Bones, Marry me!

Mr. Bones is a pacifist.

Mr. bones needs bling bling

Mr. Bones was a smoker.

Crackers DO matter!

only 835 Bush days to go.

I DEMAND pants!

"I'm naked." - J. Reno

my middle name is "middle"

Tux has a cameltoe

Instert bad UNIX joke here

Support limbless children

Let's hear it for rutebegas

This sentence no verb.

Email is 100% biodegradable

Do not adjust your TV set


chickens don't have nuggets

The names bones, Mr, bones

Cannibalism, It's an option

Mr Bones Stop the Diet!

I'm a doctor, not a cam!

Bones says Atkins works

Buy 1 dog, get 1 flea

Merry LinuXmas!

Milk me, I'm mooing

** Enter The Drag Queen **

Freud Chicken!

Gary Busey lives in my chin

Cheese is the new Velveeta

Does my bum look big in this?

Not finishing sentences is

Why CarrotTop? Why?

(January 2003. Starting here, 80 charactors allowed)

Welcome to
"Not so instant messaging!"

Who says oven mitts
aren't sexy?

Honey, let's sell the
children and move to

Geez, my shoes are completely
full of tartar sauce again.

It's no coincidence that
Mr. Spock, and Mr. Bones have
the same first name.

I have ham sandwiches
for feet!

Sticks and stones may
break Mr. Bones....

I'll take a golf bag full of
hamburger relish please!

Did Mr. Bones steal
Fonzie's jacket?

Tux is a rental.

Objects in webcam are
closer than they appear.

One good thing about having
huge hands:
Never needing a giant foam finger!

Make gloves, not war.

Jenna bush stole my ID.

Oh Mr. Bones, not only
are you insidious, you
are so very wrong.....

I'm afraid of widths.

Mr. Bones is pretty fly for
a white guy.

Ever notice how Elvis
and Mr. Bones are never
in the same room together?

You ain't nothin' but a skeleton,
Rattlin' all the time...

Sorry Mr. Bones! I never
go out with a guy that
weighs less that I do.

there is a Mr. Bones.

Hello Mr. Bones.
Or should I say Bob Crane?

I'd like to slap people
that name their 4x4's

"It's friday night
and I ain't got
no body."
--Mr Bones

Mr Bones is French
He has no guts!

Like a midget using a urinal
I am always on my toes.

All your Mr. Bones
are belong to us.

My toupee has a chin strap.

Christians -
can't live with them,
can't throw them to
the lions anymore!

If that penguin ever blinks,
I'm outta here!

Happy Easter!
Jesus loves you...
...Just not in That way.

If Mr. Bones is man enough
to wear a girlie beret,
then so am I

Dong, where is my

Have you accepted Mr. Bones
as your personal savior?

"I'm all jacked up on coffee"

"I love frankfurters"

Illiteracy, the new English.

Bones, you gotta
turn around and
read this stuff.

It's tough to decide
between the People's Cam
and porn.

Apparently, you're not supposed
to chop down telephone
poles for firewood.

I once found half a
cheeseburger in my navel.

Bones, Monkey, and Tux.
They're like a half-assed
Three Stooges.

I'm feeling fat and sassy.

Percent sign
Dollar Sign
(Swearing in Long Hand)

Boy, we'd all
be in trouble
if Mr. Bones
was a

I see boney people....

"I'm too sexy for my skin..."
-Mr. Bones

You momma so fat
she freebases ham.

Ground control to mr. bones...

You're so far in the closet
you're finding Christmas presents!

Mr. Bones Jangles

I can't tell instant
potatoes from the real thing!!!

Mr. Bones showed me
how to make millions,
just by placing ads!

Why does the Pope always
look drunk?

When in doubt,
poke it with a stick

Bush in '04
4th grade that is.

I keep my Hot Pockets
in my pockets.

What goes ooooo?
A cow with no lips!

Ban Caps Lock!

Hey, this doesn't smell
like mud!

I'll never wear my ski mask
into the bank again.

There probably aren't very
many Amish hackers.

I love my job more than I love
taffy, and I'm a man who
loves his taffy.

Curiosity killed the cat, but
for a while I was a suspect.

Whoa! mr. bones kinda
looks like my sister!

Can Jesus turn my power
back on?

Bones walks into a bar:
"I'll have a Budwieser
and a mop, please."

If I got paid to watch porn,
I'd have more money than
Mr. Gates!

Mr. Bones is an
extreme nudist.

I wallpapered my living
room with flattened

Free kevin...oh wait...

Just do it!

"They never gave
me a lunch break."

Bones is on
the slimfast plan!

Fried chicken is the
devil's work.

Mr. Bones is funkier than
an old batch of
collard greens!

You could freeze your junk
off in this weather.

Pie makes a wonderful
salad dressing.

Richard Cranium

My driveway is a
No Fly Zone

Vaseline is a lousy condiment.

Why the long face
Senator Kerry?

Whoa! Miss Bones starts
looking good after 9 beers!

Jesus paid for my sins,
but he can't help out with
the car payment?

My computer's telling me
I performed an
illegal abortion.

Refer Madness is NOT a
movie about refrigerators.

"Miss Bones is ugly"
-J. Reno

Put a stop to
skeleton on skeleton

A dog is man's best friend
but he won't give you
a ride to the airport

Free Tibet
While supplies last

Hey Bones

:.:: .: :..:

Mary had a little lamb;
It was legal.

The Jerk Store called...
They're all out of YOU!




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