The People's Cam Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are you people, and where is this cam located?

We are Matthew and Terri. We live in Central Florida. Our dogs Babs& Mitzi, and our
cat Indy. The cam is in our home running all the time, except for
vacations and thunderstorms.
Check out the whole website for more info and pictures of us.

2. Are you there?
No, we are sorry that we cannot sit and watch the monitor all day and night
but hopefully someone else is also visiting the webpage at the same time as you.
If not, leave an interesting message for the next passerby.

3. There is someone else entering messages, is it you?
No. It could be literally anyone in the world who owns a computer.
We rarely enter text on the screensaver, that's your job!

4. I am upset by an offensive message on the screen, what can I do?
First, please replace the message with one of your own. Second, use the email
link and let us know what the offending phrase was, the approximate time and
your time zone.
We know how to rid certain viewers from the People's Cam.

5. It called me a "Potty Mouth" but I didn't say anything bad!
This happens occasionally but the explanation is long and involved. Suffice it to say
that it may be a word within a word that the filter is picking up. Special charactors
could also be the culprit.

Try to reword your phrase or think of something alltogether different to write.

6. I'm upset by your censorship, what happened to free speech?
This being a privately owned website, the camera and all the equipment belongs
to us and the domain is ours to do with as we choose. We set the rules, period. gets visited by young people and we are trying to keep things clean here.
What does this mean to you? Keep your messages PG-13 and let's have a
little respect. A little leeway is granted for humor, obscurity, or harmless small
profanity, of course.
We all know at least one little kid, so make sure you keep him or her
in mind when posting a message on the People's Cam.

7. I am only seeing a little bit of the image, what do I do?
Your connection is not fast enough to keep up with the 1 second image refresh
Click on the link to the left of the image area. That will put up a cam image with a
slower refresh rate of 5 seconds. If that doesn't do the trick why don't you go see
what's on TV?

8. Is this done in Flash?
No, it is a real camera with a real image.

9. Why did you put this cam here?
We wanted a cam that would be fun and interactive for the viewer AND for us.
After the idea of the People's Cam was born, Matthew did the programming for it and I
(Terri) revamped the page to match the flash site.

10. This is a complete waste of a computer and waste of money/electricity/badwidth!
Pointless you say?! I've seen a lot of pointless websites and
at least this is clever and some cool programming went into it. Now THIS is pointless.

11. When did you start doing this?
The People's Cam started on December 9th, 2001.

12. Do you read all the messages?
Rarely. They are all logged. After all this time it can still be amusing to see what people think up.

13. I want to see all the previous messages too!
That's not a question. But, believe me you're not missing much.
Click here for a sample.
Be sure to click on the "Best Of" link below the cam image to see the
better than usual comments.

14. Do you ban IP addresses?
Viewers who skirt the language filter specifically to be offensive will be banned.
Hate messages and vulgarities are not tolerated.
Viewers consistantly putting in the same message over and over and over just to be annoying will be banned. Nyah nyah.

15. I am inputting messages but nothing appears on the screen.
The whole bottom half is completely blank, what happened?
Your IP address has been banned for the reasons stated in the previous

16. How does this work?
It's kinda technical you wouldn't understand. Besides, Matthew doesn't want to give
away his secrets.

17. Why is it so dark?
It's nighttime.

18. Will you wave to me, show yourself, or otherwise come on camera?
There are thousands of ordinary cams in the world with people dying to be
seen, to wave at you, or grant any number of requests you m
ake. They are easily
found on the Web. Try our links page to start.

But before you go, go back to the cam and leave one last message and this
time try to be really clever.

19. It's hard to chat this way!
Simple....because it's not a chatroom!! It is intended to be for a random person
to leave a random message for some other random web surfer. Get it?

20. My link and/or bookmark of you came up 404, what happened?
You may have linked to an old IP address. The correct link should be:

If you do link to us, be sure and let us know, and we will kindly repay the favor.

21. Who writes all that funny stuff on the Best Of list?
We don't know! There is only one person on that list who has made themselves known to us: Zafealerian the king of comedy. Thanks Zaffie!

22. I really like this webcam, can I come over and drink beer with you guys?
Sure! Is this weekend good for you?

Any unanswered questions can be answered via email.

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