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Fairhaven Bears
  Introducing Fairhaven Bears...

 A new line of old-fashioned looking bears.
 Bears that look like they are from an older era. 
 They are all handmade, and every bear  is a 
 one-of-a-kind. Each bear has antique clothes 
 and/or accessories to distinguish their own 
 Other animals at Fairhaven, such as cats and bunnies 
 are designed in the same unique way.
 If  craftsmanship and quality are a priority, then 
 Fairhaven Bears is a perfect place to find an 
 Extraordinary bear.
Fairhaven "Apple"  A little about the Fairhaven "Apple"
   Authentic Fairhaven bears are marked with a special apple
   insignia located  on the bears "seat." The apple has a special
                Here's the story behind it from bear artist Delores Wrathall:
               "When I was little and just learning to talk, I was trying to ask my
               grandmother  for an apple. Pointing at her and saying "Appie, appie"
               my  family thought I was calling her "Appie." I just wanted that apple!
               From that day on everyone in our family called her "Appie."
               I wanted to incorporate the apple symbol in my bear-making as a 
               tribute to her memory."
        The name "Fairhaven" was inspired by a story of a family member  in England
        whose home was a cottage by the sea. Like  most homes there,
                    it was given a name. They called it "Fairhaven."

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