Halloween costume pictures

First the animals. Scoots the grey tabby, and Baloo the German shepherd went to an animal costume contest as Red Riding Hood, and The Wolf in Grandmother's Clothing, respectively.
**They won hands down.**

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                                 scoots as red riding hood             scoots the cat as red riding hood            matthew and scoots         scoots in his costume

Scoots was fully enclosed in a cloth bag, with the paws being stuffed fakes. No scratching, no arguments. Matthew called him the "living hand puppet."
It was necessary in a pet store full of other competing costumed dogs. Being 14 and pretty a pretty laid back cat, we didn't have any trouble with him.

        Baloo in her grandmother costume             baloo in bedcap and pearls              baloo in grandmother glasses           baloo as "the grandmother" from red riding hood      
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These pictures of Baloo only show her in the hat and glasses.
She did have a matching nightgown of the same pink daisy material, in this pic without the bedcap:

                                                      baloo in just the pajamas


Now for us. I went as the mushroom guy from Super Mario brothers, but as fate would have it, only one picture of me turned out. My big paper mache head broke halfway through the night too. Bad luck!

super mario brothers halloween costume

Here is Matthew as an entire Thanksgiving dinner. The reaction of people was unbelievable. Walking through the street party downtown with this 6'3" "Tableman", as people were calling him was simply amazing. About 50 strangers took pictures with him, fondled his food, and generally worshipped him. Watching the reactions was actually surreal. Have a look.

        matthew as thanksgiving dinner     turkey dinner costume         best costume     table man      matthew as thanksgiving dinner
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The turkey is paper mache, the buns are real, and glued down, the gravy was just painted cardboard, the potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, and cranberries are all real food that I just put a silicone glaze over. (except the mashed potatoes which just sort of hardened up all by themselves!)
The fruit, of course is just fake plastic stuff bought at a craft store.
The table itself is a piece of compressed styrofoam. With all the stuff on it, it was kind of heavy so that is why we needed to put pads on his shoulders.

                             matt with a paper mache turkey on his head                       closeup shot of the food                     closeup of matt and the food
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We found a comfortable spot at one point and lit up all his candles! Romantic!


All the costumes on this page were made by me, Terri. If you have questions on how to go about making any of these costumes yourself or about the materials used, please feel free to email me about it.

Other cool Halloween costumes I have seen on the Web and considered making for myself in the future.


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