Cool Halloween Costumes I've seen on the Web *

These are unique costume ideas I'd like to try
to recreate on my own some day!
Fun stuff. If you see an idea here and try it for yourself, or want to send me your excellent Halloween costume pic, please feel free to contact me!

Costume Ideas:

pong costume
Pong. Very original!

sally costume                     duck head costume

A very good "Sally" from the movie: 
Nightmare Before Christmas                                       Duck head ?


  pac man costume          
Miss Pac man and a ghost.          


A dog Halloween costume idea!

three headed dog  
Make him a three-headed dog! (Cerberus from Greek Mythology)
Scare the kiddies away for trick or treat!


pixelized people cops
Pixelized faces from the show "Cops." I guess
it only makes since if you three stick together!


aunt jemimah and a waffle
Aunt Jemimah and a waffle. This takes
some guts.


Great Mermaid! Her feet are
hidden below the skirting.

Camel for two people. How do you
expect to drink in this?!


These guys built the Golden Gate Bridge!
Pretty clever and lots of work...

The best part? You get to play Beer Pong
on it all night.

A life sized sock monkey! Good job!

These guys are sick but I love 'em!...


This guy worked the arms with wires and
had springs attached between the puppet feet
and his own so it would look like the puppet was walking when he was!
Very original!


Flying Monkey from The Wizard of Oz



Flying Monkey from The Wizard of Oz

*NOTE**I did not make these costumes, I just collected the pictures from around the web and saved them for reference. I want to make my own versions some Halloween. None of the people in the pics are me or anyone I know.


Make sure to see PAGE ONE of pics featuring
this costume:(which I did make)

(Yes, that IS a fake turkey on his head)
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