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The Airplane Captain


Answering Machine

Rude Astrology

Bad Checks; A Story

UNIX Commands

A Guy Walks into a Bar...

The Beatles and
C Programming

        The Joke
        The Prayer
        The Song

The Cop and the Kid

Bruce Stroganoff

A Cat Joke

The Chainsaw

Chicken Wire

The Church Lady


Computer Humor

Contraceptive Jelly

The Costume Party

The Darwin Award

Another Darwin Award

Euphemisms for Death

Deep Thoughts
by Jack Handy

"Deep Thoughts" Imitators

Politcally Correct Terms

Dumb and Dumber

The Final Exam

Read the Fine Manual

Fishing License

Politically Correct
Foul Language

Free Beer

Frog Joke

Fruit Cake Recipe *

The Funeral

A Letter to God

Actual Letters to God

Assorted Good Riddles

Letter to Miss Manners


Hong Kong Subtitles

Actual Insurance
Claim Forms

An Irishman

Jesus on the Cross

Job Evaluations

Job Interviews *

Quotes from Kids

The Liar

Linux Usenet Post

Semper Fi

Martha Stewart

The M&M Theory

Bumper Stickers

Mr. Gorsky


"Cheers" Greetings for Norm

Two Nuns

Celebrity Rimshots


Pick-up Lines *

The Farmer and his Pigs

Plane Crash

Poor Jon

Computer Envy

Proof Reading
Product Labels



The "Quickie"

The Priest and the Rabbi

Steven Wright Lines

Science Test Answers*

Science Test Answers 2*

Mistranslated English

The Smithsonian Story *

Laying Carpet

The Soap Story*

Usenet Post: "Sorry"

The Statue Joke

The Stork Joke

Stupid Laws

Tid Bits (one-liners assortment)

Tight Rope

Verbose Christmas Poem

The Labor Union

UNIX Humor

The Ventriloquist

A Week in Hell

West Virginia *

Actual Witness Stand Testimony

Women and Computers

Yo Mama

Cars and Computers

The OBGYN Story

Top Ten Lists:

Ann Landers' Mistakes

Rejected Dr. Seuss Books*

Bad Renaissance Festivals

James Bond Gagets

Canadian Complaints

Signs Your Cat Wants to Kill You

Fashion Model Pet Peeves

Kid's Book Titles

Least Favorite McDonald's Meals

Names for the Mir Spacestation

Rolling Stone Tour Names

Sean Connery Lines

Why Dogs Don't Use Computers

Signs You Have a Bad Lawyer

Mike Tyson Jokes


My amusing photo collection
(WARNING: OFFENSIVE MATERIAL. If you are deeply religious or easily offended or if nudity offends you, do not view my collection)

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