Top 10 Ann Landers' Mistakes

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"Other Ann Landers Mistakes"

   As presented on the 12/1/95 broadcast of LATE SHOW with DAVID
   10. Frequently refers to Mother Teresa as "that public relations
   9. Three years ago gave bad advice to someone called "Miserable at
   8. Told "Scot-Free in Brentwood" to "play a lot of golf while
   pretending to look for the real killers"
   7. Advised the Menendez brothers to "confront" their parents
   6. Eating huge plate of buffalo wings before bed
   5. Advised "Stuck With a Snoring Husband" to "suffocate the bastard"
   4. Referred "Depressed in Detroit" to Dr. Kevorkian
   3. Told "Chubby in Washington" to chase those blues away by sending
   troops to Bosnia
   2. Misspelled the word "Polack"
   1. The big spread in "Playboy"

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