Bad Checks

   Jeffery J. Pyrcioch, 19, of West Lafayette, Ind. thought he had come
up with the perfect crime. Buying goods, then signing checks as
payment with disappearing ink. 
There were only two problems with his scheme. He neglected to take
into account the name printed at the top of each check was his name,
complete with his current address. He also didn't realize that the
Indiana State Police Laboratory had the ability to recover anything
written with the invisible ink.

He and his girlfriend, Heather M. Green, allegedly went on a shopping
spree, passing bad checks worth over $2,000 at five separate merchants
who then watched as the amount and signature on the checks vanished
before their eyes. The police were called to investigate, and had
little trouble finding their prime suspects, as they had graciously
provided their address on each occasion.

The couple is now facing a possible eight year prison term for fraud
and theft, should they be convicted of the crime.

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