Canadian Complaints About American TV


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"Canadian Complaints About U.S. TV Shows"

   As presented on the 11/28/95 broadcast of LATE SHOW with DAVID



   10. Whenever they show Niagara Falls, always "happens" to be on U.S.


   9. Not enough exciting canoe chases

   8. No Monday night curling

   7. Just when we get hooked on "Dweebs" -- poof! It's gone

   6. One too many award shows hosted by David Letterman

   5. It's really hard to play along with "Jeopardy!" after you've drunk

   a couple dozen Molsons

   4. Not a single Canadian featured in O.J. trial

   3. "E.R." never about frostbite

   2. During "Cheers" reruns, real beer should pour out of the TV

   1. Too much Dave, not enough Paul

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