Church Lady

   This fellow comes home from church sporting a lovely black eye. His
bed ridden wife who, due to her illness was unable to accompany her
husband to church, says to her beloved "How did you get the black eye
honey, you must have done something terribly wrong to get a black eye
in church !"  The husband answers "Not really, honey, what happened
was this : As we all stood up to sing a hymn, I noticed that the lady
standing in front of me was wearing a lovely silk dress that, as she
stood up, had become wedged in her behind. It looked very
unconfortable, not to mention funny so to save her any embarrasment I
reached out and pulled it out from between her cheeks. I have no idea
what she must have thought I was doing 'cause she turned around and
punched me in the eye". After having a quiet chukle over her husband's
faux pas the lady admonished him for being so indelicate and let the
matter rest.

The following Sunday, the lady, still at home  sick , the husband
returned from church, once again sporting a lovely black eye. Upon
being asked what had occured,  the following explanation was given:
"Once again we stood up to sing hymns when the same lady, wearing the
same dress stood up and once again with her dress unashamedly wedged
tightly in her bum. This idiotic fellow who was standing right next to
me, reached out and did just what I did the previous week and pulled
the dress free from its unusual position. From last week's unfortunate
episode I knew the lady did not like the dress pulled out  so I tucked
it back in !"

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