Top 10 Signs of a Bad Fashion Model

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"Signs You're A Bad Fashion Model"

   As presented on the 11/1/95 broadcast of LATE SHOW with DAVID
   10. You went nuts on the Halloween candy and ballooned to a size 4
   9. The guy doing your make-up asks how the fight with Tyson went
   8. You're still working on memorizing the word "cheese"
   7. Whenever you vogue down a catwalk, it sags and creaks ominously
   6. While you're modeling, you notice photographers taking pictures of
   each other
   5. Instead of DeNiro, you're dating DeLuise
   4. Only magazine cover you've ever appeared on: "Ugly Short Guy"
   3. Your preferred method of getting down runway: rolling
   2. Your ass and a Ford Taurus are roughly the same size
   1. Your beauty mark is just spaghetti sauce

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