Going to Heaven

     A couple on their way to get married were tragically killed in a terrible
crash.  Upon presenting themselves to St. Peter at the gates to heaven,
they asked if they could get married.  "Give me some time," said St.
Peter, "and I'll check."

They waited and waited.  After several months, they asked again.  "I'm
working on it," said St. Peter.

Months turned into years, then decades.  Finally, after 20 years, St.
Peter came running to them.  "OK, now you can get married!"

However, after a few months of married life, the couple really was not
happy.  They sought out St. Peter and asked if there were divorces in 

"Are you serious?  It took me 20 years to find a priest up here.  I'll 
NEVER find a lawyer!"

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