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(Bill Paul) writes:
  >>: Bill Paul  wrote in article
  >>: <4vcm60$>...
  >>: > No no no. At risk of becoming embroiled in another OS religious war,
  >>: > use FreeBSD if you must use a PC-based system. Linux just makes me ill.
  >>: > ("Uh, well, let's see: I need procps version foo, networking tools
  >>: version
  >>: > bar with patch baz, libc version gronk, kernel version freen -- no wait,
  >>: > procps version foo doesn't work with kernel version freen so I need
  >>: procps
  >>: > version foo patchlevel fnord -- hold it: now I need libc version *honk*
  >>: > to make procps version fnord work -- and I need modules version *belch*
  >>: > and -- wait: I have an SMC EtherPower card so I need to patch the kernel
  >>: > to use tulip driver version spoon....")
  >you forgot that you need gcc version bogwa to compile it all with, because
  >you're currently running gcc version fnerk and that builds buggy kernels 
  >for spoo.spatz.whonk and above. 
  >and pity yourself if you want to get an a.out version of anything for 
  >any reason..  unkeeblerizing gcc requires compile flags bloop and fwop.
  >some days i really miss Linux 0.12.. "Who the hell needs /bin/init anyway?"
  >Erik Fichtner  (  []

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