The Farmer's Pig

     There was this not too bright farmer whose pigs were not reproducing.
Since he wanted more pigs, he called a vet and asked what he should do.
The vet told him he should try artificial insemination. Not wanting to
appear stupid, the farmer answered okay and hung up the phone.  Unclear
on the meaning of artificial insemination, the farmer decided it must
mean HE had to impregnate the pigs.

So he loaded them all in his pickup, drove down to the woods and did
them all. The next day he called the vet again, and asked how would he
know if the pigs were pregnant. The vet told him they would be laying
down rolling in the mud. But when he looked out the window, none of
them were laying down.

So he loaded them into his pickup again, drove them to the woods and did
them all again. To his dismay, they were all standing the next morning.
So again he loaded the pigs in his truck, drove them to the woods and
did 'em all one more time.

By the next morning the farmer was dead tired, so he asked his wife
to look out the window and tell him what the pigs were doing. She
said, "Hmmm, that's weird, they're all in the truck and one of them
is blowing the horn." 

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