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     Subject: Re: Can I speed up my Pentium 133?

Alex Oren ( wrote:
: Lobo@floating.around (Lobo) wrote:

: : >>But, then why are you complaining about a Pentium 133?? I still have 
: : >>a 486!!
: : >
: : >A 486!?!?!  I've always -dreamed- about running on a 486!  Why, we're so
: : >poor that we still have to share an 8086-based system for all of our
: : >in-home computing!  Windows runs so poorly in this environment, but we
: : >do what we have to.  I mean, it's really not -that- bad to switch between
: : >60 different 160k floppies while trying to run Microsoft Word... You get
: : >used to it!
: : >

: : 8086, Windows and floppies!?!??!  I'm still using perforated cards to
: : boot up my basement sized calculator...and you know what? I've managed
: : to overclock it! It now runs at a magic 0.12223 kHz!!!

: An overclocked, basement sized calculator???
: You mean you rich folks can afford having electricity in your basement?

: We are still doing time sharing on a chinese abacus.

: Doing spreadsheet calculations is bearable, but try playing deathmatch
: doom on the bugger!
: (We did manage to set up a space invaders game. I move the beads and my
: brother throws pebbles at them...)

You have an abacus??  We're still adding with our fingers.  The only plus 
is there is a phone 500 miles away, and I can whistle at 75 baud.

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