Recent Sewing Projects (2002)

This year's renaissance costumes pictured below.
The only full frontal of my husband I could find. (Such a comedian)
I have made about 4 different costumes for myself, and two
different blouses for him. The pants are simple since he refuses
to wear leotards :)
I have made a few hats too, but usually they turn out lookng like
toilet seat covers.
I could not find any pics from previous years!
I know they're lurking on my hard drive somewhere!


Here are two wall quilts. I prefer the red one.


As long as you're here, you might as well look at pics
of the animals!

Scoots, age 13

I took that third one of Scoots because he looked like
Jobba the Hut from Star Wars!


Indy, age 12

It's hard to get good shots of Indy because she's so black,
but these do her justice.


Baloo, age 4

What an angel face!

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