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Here is your chance to tell the world about yourself and your
experiences regarding your online life.

All questions are optional so share as much or as little information as you has no intention of exploiting this information, or selling your email address. This is a personal website and the questions are just for entertainment purposes.

Take some time to tell us your stories, and enjoy reading other
people's submissions. All types of input are welcome, but be
sure to remember that this site may be viewed by anyone, so
watch your wording carefully.*
Now, on to the survey questions!....

Who are you and where do you live?
Your email address:
When did you first go online?
How have you become closer to family members or friends with the ease of this new communication? Have you found long lost friends via the internet?
Have you ever met someone online (i.e. chat room, pen pal)
and then made an effort to meet them in person? What happened?
What websites do you visit most frequently?
What is an unusual experience you've had involving the internet?
General comments about the digital revolution or technology?
Do you have any comments about or this survey?

* Results monitored daily. Any vulgar or inappropriate material will be removed at the discretion of the webmaster.

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