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That's all folks!

After 6 successful years of running the cam, it is now offline permanantly.

Sorry if you missed it, it was pretty cool. We even got featured on the old show "The Screensavers" with Martin Sergeant and Leo Laporte!
Big thrills for us geeks! Even Tim Burton dug the People's Cam! How excellent is that?!

Mister bones and Tux will be waiting for their next big shot at fame in a shoebox in the closet. They will miss being the center of attention, and we will miss dressing them up every Christmas.

Many many thanks to everyone who has written over the years, and to all the regulars who came by. It never failed to amaze us that we had so many fans.

We enjoyed entertaining you, and watching you entertain yourselves. There have been a couple of copycats since we started, but nowhere as cool, of course.


people's cam



The People's Cam messages "Best Of "
(you guys were pretty funny!)

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